Du lịch Bình ThuậnLy Son Island - The paradise of blue sea in Quang Nam province

Ly Son Island is known as the Maldives of Vietnam and still holds many mysteries that inspire the desire to explore for those who love nature and the beauty of the sea. You can find more information about how to get to Ly Son Island and beautiful places on Ly Son Island at diemhendulich.net.

Where is Ly Son Island located in Vietnam?

Vietnam Travel Guide - Ly Son is an island district of Quang Ngai province. Ly Son district includes 3 islands: Cu Lao Re (Big Island), An Binh island (Small Island) and Mu Cu island, located about 30 km from the mainland. With the advantage of pristine scenery and cost-saving travel expenses, in recent years, Ly Son has always been a destination chosen by many tourists.

Which season is the best for traveling to Ly Son Island?

With two distinct rainy and sunny seasons, the best time to visit Ly Son is from April to August. During this time, the weather is stable, with less rain and more sun. However, you should avoid traveling during the peak season from April to June to avoid crowds. From September to December is the rainy season with storms and rough seas. From late December to April is the season of green moss covering all the rocky beaches of Ly Son.

The beautiful places in Ly Son that you should visit when traveling to the island

1. Flagpole on Ly Son Island: The flagpole is built on Thoi Loi mountain on Ly Son Island with a height of 20m, facing the Hoang Sa archipelago. This is a check-in location that tourists cannot miss when visiting the island



Thoi Loi mountain peak - Ly Son is one of the five dormant volcanoes of Ly Son Island, with a rocky protrusion overlooking the sea. The mountain is about 170m high above sea level and the peak is a huge crater, with a freshwater lake supplying water to the island district. From here, tourists can take photos with the impressive blue island sea view

2. Garlic farm ly son island: From the top of Thoi Loi mountain, you can also spread your eyes to see the garlic farm. Garlic is also a famous specialty in Ly Son, not only as a spice but also processed into many delicious dishes in Asian countries such as Vietnam, Korea, Thailand and China.

3. Cau Cave: Câu Cave is located in Dong village, An Hai commune, Quang Ngai province. This is one of the tourist destinations on Ly Son Island located at the foot of Thoi Loi mountain. It is a cave that is deeply carved into the mountain

4. To Vo stone gate: One of the other characteristic destinations of Ly Son Island is the stone gate of To Vo on the east side of the island. In fact, this is a stone gate, over 2 meters high, located by the sea. The locals believe that volcanic rocks erupted from 2 million years ago were frozen when they met seawater, creating this unique arch. Surrounding it is a black basalt rock beach.

The best time to visit the stone gate of To Vo in Ly Son is at sunset, when the sun gradually disappears behind the horizon and the rays of light shine through the gap in the rocks. However, the gate often attracts crowds of tourists, making it difficult to take photos. Recently, the area has seen an increase in tourism waste.

5. Duc Pagoda: Duc Pagoda is located on the Giếng Tiền mountain cliff, one of the extinct volcanoes of the island district. The temple was newly built in 2008 with 3 worshiping chambers. Tourists climb 100 steps along the mountain slope to reach the temple. In front of the cave entrance is a 27-meter-high statue of Quan Am Buddha facing the sea, named Quan Am Dai .

6. Đảo Bé (An Bình) of Lý Sơn

That Đảo Bé (An Bình) is a small island in Lý Sơn with beautiful scenery and sea. It is also known as Xã Đảo An Bình. Đảo Lớn (Cù Lao Ré) is about 3 nautical miles away from Đảo Bé. It takes more than 30 minutes to travel by wooden boat but only about 10 minutes by high-speed canoe. To get to Đảo Bé, you can rent a whole canoe for 2,500,000 VND or go alone for 80,000 VND per person.

 that the boat from Lý Sơn port to Đảo Bé (An Bình) departs at 7am and the last trip is at 11:20am. The boat from Đảo Bé (An Bình) to Đảo Lớn (Cù Lao Ré) departs from 10am to 2:20pm. The trips are 20 minutes apart. If you buy tickets at the port, each person is only allowed to buy 2 tickets according to regulations. You must have an ID card or passport of the buyer and the person being bought for. Tickets are sold starting at 6am.

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